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The first question which comes into the mind of customers in Texas is How much am I going to have to pay to get my electricity through this provider? How good is their customer service. Will they offer anything to make the experience easier? These are only a few questions that come to their mind.

Customers will definitely want a quick, straightforward, and same-day process when choosing an electricity company in Texas.

At Ambit Energy. we do understand that many people do not want to spend more time comparing pricing and combing through the fine print to ensure no hidden, costly clauses. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our customers.

Energy deregulation in Texas allows consumers to shop for and choose their electricity provider in Texas. This competition among providers leads to various electricity rates, which can overwhelm consumers. However, it also means that you have the freedom to find the best deal for your energy needs. Deregulation allows for a more diverse and competitive power market in the state.

Deregulated electricity operates much like the phone, internet, and TV plans. Power companies may offer promotions and benefits for signing up with them, but these may only last for a while.

If you are tired of constantly switching providers and want an energy company which gives you the best energy rates in Texas.  you can you can back pn Ambit Energy Texas the best electricity provider in Texas. We are dedicated to providing reliable, trustworthy energy solutions.

Why Should You Change Your Texas Energy Company?

You may want to review your energy providers and electricity bills in Texas for several reasons. Electric rates can fluctuate in deregulated markets, and your electricity usage may change with changing lifestyle. It is always a good idea to periodically check in on these things to ensure the best rate and service provider.

The energy needs of larger homes differ from those of apartments. Some of the factors that affect energy usage:

  • Growing family
  • Empty nesters
  • The addition of an electric vehicle
  • Shift to working from home 

It is essential to consider these changes when choosing an energy plan that meets your needs.

It is important to review your electric plan when it is coming to an end, as your provider may switch you to a higher variable rate if you do not renew. You may also want to consider switching plans if you are moving to a new home.

Smart Energize has something for everyone, with options ranging from free night rate electricity to a hundred percent renewable energy goals/plans.

Find The Best Rate With The Top Energy Companies

Smart Energize caters to the needs of its customers by offering a range of energy plans tailored to fit different lifestyles. Our goal is to enable our customers to make the most of their daily lives.
At Smart Energize, we have energy plans to fit every need, whether you are a discount seeker, a family keen on renewable energy, a late sleeper, or a combination of these.
Our options include fixed rates for those who want a consistent price for their electricity and variable rates that may fluctuate.

Here are some of our top offers that come with no hidden fees and can help you to get the best rates:

Truly fixed

With a fixed rate that ensures you are never surprised by unexpected charges. You can confidently know exactly what your energy bill will be at all times. Enjoy peace of mind with a great fixed-rate plan.

Free nights

Did you know you can get up to 70 hours of free electricity per week with our fixed-price plan? That’s right – ask about our energy credits to learn how you can take advantage of this amazing offer. Don’t miss out on the chance to save on your energy bill and get free electricity!


Rates and Plans

The Basics plan offers a secure, fixed-rate option for individuals seeking steady energy bill payments over an extended period. This plan is ideal for individuals seeking stability and assurance with their energy costs.

Assurance plan

The Assurance plan delivers on its promise by providing stable, fixed rates for a predetermined duration. This plan offers a sense of security and confidence for those concerned about fluctuations in their energy costs.

Reach out to the customer service team

It only takes a quick phone call to switch to Amibit Energy.


What Is The Difference Between Energy and Electricity?

Simply put, electricity is the flow of electrical energy used to power devices and systems. Energy is a more general term that encompasses the ability to do work or cause change.

Electricity is a form of energy that can do work, but it is not the only type of energy out there. Electricity is produced from sources like fossil fuels and coal, or renewable sources like solar or wind. Power plants harness these energy sources and use them to produce electricity and sell it to retail electric providers. These providers distribute the electricity to homes and businesses in Texas.

Generally speaking, there are two energy sources used to produce electricity: non-renewable and renewable sources.

Renewable Texas Energy Services 

Renewable energy in Texas is a leader in the industry, with over 25% of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources. Texas relies on a variety of renewable resources for its electricity, including:

  • Wind power 
  • Solar power Bioenergy
  • Hydroelectricity 
  • Geothermal energy 
  • Nuclear power is a significant contributor to electricity in Texas, comprising approximately 35-45% of the total. 

Non-Renewable Texas Energy Company

Despite its decreasing popularity, non-renewable energy remains the primary source/root of electricity in the state(Texas). This type of energy is typically derived from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, but it can also be produced by burning other materials like wood.

Fossil fuels are losing favor because of the harm they cause to the environment during extraction and use. The fracking and drilling processes necessary to obtain these resources contribute significantly to global warming, leading more people to prefer renewable alternatives.

Choose The Right Energy Providers And Top Energy Companies

Since Texas allows consumers to choose their electricity providers through the deregulation of energy services, it is crucial to consider what to look for in an Energy Provider:

Transparency and No Hidden Fees 

Electricity contracts and plans in Texas can be complex and often contain hidden fees that may be buried in the lengthy fine print. It is important to carefully review these documents to ensure that you know all terms and costs associated with your plan.

Excellent Customer Service 

One factor that distinguishes top electricity providers from the rest is their customer service. While some companies may try to save money by outsourcing customer service, it is important to have access to local, knowledgeable representatives during power outages or other urgent situations. This can provide reassurance and peace of mind knowing that you can quickly speak with someone who understands your specific needs and concerns.

Electricity Provider with Competitive Rates 

An electricity company’s success is largely dependent on offering competitive rates. While they don’t need to be the lowest in Texas, they also can’t be the highest. Striving for the lowest price point may result in cutting costs in other areas, which isn’t ideal.

Energy Provider with Excellent Benefits

When selecting an electricity plan, it’s crucial to consider the rewards and benefits being offered. Many companies use gimmicks in this area, so it’s essential to know exactly what you’re getting before committing to a Texas energy provider.




Free & Clear Nights

Enjoy FREE electricity at night and help save the planet with 100% renewable energy. This plan requires an AMS-enabled smart meter.

> Check Your Rates

> Rate Type – Fixed

> Contract Term: 12 months


Take a vacation from high summer electricity bills. Get 50% OFF your Energy Charges from June to September. AMS provisioned Smart Meter required.

> Check Your Rates

> Rate Type – Fixed

> Contract term: 12-24 Months

Lone Star Flex

Lone Star Flex can provide flexible month-to-month rates. No contracts required.

> Check Your Rates

> Contract Term: None

> Termination Fee: $0

How are Electricity Company Rates Determined?

Texas electricity rates can be competitive and confusing due to the various factors that go into their determination. Companies have some control over their energy prices, but other elements, such as the cost of electricity production, TDU fees, and the energy market, also play a role.  

Cost of Creating Electricity 

Although it may seem like electricity appears out of thin air, it is created by harnessing energy from solar, wind & fossil fuels. GoodCharlie and other REPs consider the expenses of generating electricity when determining monthly consumer rates. Despite the common misconception, electricity is not a spontaneous occurrence but rather a product of various resources and costs.

TDU Service Fees 

TDU(Transmission and Distribution Utility) service fees refer to the charges that your REP incurs to transmit electricity to your residence. These fees are paid to local Transmission and Power distribution companies that maintain the infrastructure responsible for distributing electricity, including power lines, electric poles, and electric meters. Essentially, TDU service fees cover the costs associated with delivering electricity to your home.

The Energy Market

Just like the stock market, the energy market experiences daily rate fluctuations based on market conditions. In other words, the energy market is similar to the stock market because its rates can vary daily.

Additional Fees & Services

It is common for electricity rates to include additional fees and services. These may be incorporated into the rate itself or added as separate charges and can consist of service charges costs, overuse fees, and startup costs. In other words, the price you pay for electricity may not be solely based on the energy you consume but include various additional fees.


It is Important to Choose an Energy Company You Trust 

Choosing an energy provider should not be a relatively easy decision. At Smart Energize, we offer a range of excellent plans to choose from and prioritize the needs and well-being of our customers. Unlike some competitors, we are a reliable and trustworthy Ambit energy company. Don’t waste time and energy worrying about which electricity rate and plan are right for you. Let us help you find a solution that fits your household’s needs.

Electricity Service Areas

Corpus Christi Area

We provide electricity to Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

Victoria Area

We provide electricity to Victoria and surrounding areas.

Is It Easy to Contact a Smart Energize Company?

Gone are the days of being stuck on hold in a customer service line for an eternity. Nobody wants to spend their day filling out tedious forms for an electricity company. Imagine switching energy providers with a quick message, email, or phone call to Ambit Energy. It’s that easy!

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