Moving into an apartment often means you are responsible for paying your utilities, which can be a hassle. However, there is an upside – you can reduce your electricity bills even if your usage remains the same as in your previous home. This can be achieved by selecting from the various residential electricity plans offered by the different electric provider for apartments in Texas. With many electricity companies in the Lone Star State, it can be time-consuming to choose one that will help lower your electric bill.


Why Choose Smart Energize for Electricity for Apartments?

There are many reasons to choose Ambit Energy over other energy providers such as:

  • No-Hectic Energy Shopping

When enrolling in an energy plan, it’s important to consider more than just the rate. Some rates may come with hidden conditions that can lead to unexpected charges on your next bill statement. Our customers have shared their desire to avoid gimmick power plans that offer minimum rates based on limited ranges of monthly energy usage. If you fall outside of this range, which can be easy to do due to the extreme weather fluctuations in Texas, your rates could significantly increase.

To help you avoid gimmick energy plans and unexpected charges on your bill, we carefully evaluate the plans displayed on our site. In many cases, Ambit Energy can offer payments on our website that are cheaper than what you would find on the same provider’s site. We can leverage our strong relationships with major brands to negotiate the best energy prices for our customers in Texas.

  • Know Your Usage while Choosing Electric Companies for Apartments

As previously mentioned, our website lets you view the prices for multiple energy usage levels on our landing page and in the plan details section. To determine your energy usage, you can check SMT(Smart Meter Texas) or review your past energy bills to see how many kilowatt hours you used at different times throughout the year. By searching for plans based on usage, you can choose the rate that best fits your needs.

  • Select the Best Electric Provider for Apartments in Texas

In Texas, you have a range of term length options to choose from, including fixed-term energy plans that maintain the same rate for the duration of the contract & variable rate plans that fluctuate from month to month.

We recommend fixed-rate energy plans over variable-rate power plans because they result in more consistent bills and are less likely to lead to unexpected charges. To protect our customers from billing surprises and help them save money, we only partner with reputable, well-known providers.

  • Green Energy Companies in Fort Worth TX

As an environmentally-conscious company, we understand the importance of protecting the planet. Texas has exceeded its renewable energy plans and now produces more wind than many countries.

On our website, you can find a variety of energy plans that are powered entirely by green energy. You can even filter your search to show only 100% green energy plans. By offering these options, we are working to combat climate change and promote renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles.


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